In our sandcasting foundry characteristically complicated aluminium castings of excellent quality are produced in short run. Our sandcastings are ideally suitable for also the products showing different kinds of casting technological final purpose, thus the validation, the mounting works and the tests are brought to very quickly attainable closeness, moreover at a reasonable price level. Nevertheless, our Customers are assured that their product developments can be introduced in short run almost immediately in several segments of the market.
Our new generation technology uses only gravitational sandcasting (at atmospheric pressure) which is performed with sand types of different qualities.
As regards the basis materials we start from various kinds of silumin and from other aluminium alloys according to the relevant standard.
Depending on the customer’s demand we provide for cleaning, surface treatment and aftertreatment works completely.
From the production technology up to receipt of the finished and mountable piece we cover all the operations our Customer required.